About Us

Our team of mathematicians, scientists, computer scientists and software engineers work with our algorithms and trading software to invest globally.

The Firm

OxFORD Asset Management® is an investment manager based in Oxford, UK. We launched in 2004, and are a committed team who focus on exceptional research and technological implementation.

What we do

We apply computational models to financial markets, analysing a range of data and information, and exploiting relationships among financial instruments such as stocks, futures, and currencies. Most of the fund’s trading is managed automatically by our proprietary algorithms and software. Our team works with the latest technologies to develop these algorithms and tools to navigate a wide range of markets.

How we work

We tackle real-world problems with an open mind, and draw inspiration from a vast array of sources. We place huge value on clear thinking that leads to elegant solutions. We encourage a culture of innovation and craftsmanship, and embrace a philosophy of continual improvement. With release cycles measured in hours, there is immediate feedback on personal contribution.