Application FAQs

What is the interview process?

Researcher: A typical interview process for a researcher role will involve a telephone, digital and face-to-face interview. This may vary according to level of experience.

Software Engineer: A typical interview process for a software engineering role will involve a programming test, telephone interview and face-to-face interview.

Systems Infrastructure: A typical interview process for a systems infrastructure role will involve a telephone interview, remote practical test and face-to-face interview.

What should I wear to my interview?

Our everyday dress code is smart casual. However, please feel free to wear a suit to your interview if you would prefer. You can expect your interviewer to be wearing smart jeans and a shirt. (Avoid high vis clothing!)

Do I need a PhD to work for OxFORD?

While a large proportion of the team have achieved PhDs, we do consider candidates with a Masters or Undergraduate level degree.

Do I need to have experience or knowledge of finance to work for OxFORD?

No. OxFORD staff members come from a range of backgrounds, including technology, academia and life sciences.

I think my skills are relevant to more than one role. Which one should I apply for?

Please apply for the role that most closely suits your skills and experience and the hiring teams will further assess the application. We won’t limit our review to a single role.