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Our team is friendly and intelligent, and from a wide range of backgrounds. We come to work in jeans, rather than suits. We are a collegiate group, with a flat management structure.

Machine Learning Researcher

We are seeking outstanding researchers to build quantitative models of financial markets.

Researchers at OxAM use machine learning algorithms to understand and quantify relationships among the world’s financial markets. We work with research-led technologies to tackle a wide range of challenging problems, providing the opportunity to test ideas within our live quantitative trading environment.

Our research involves managing large and complex data sets integrated with reasoning and learning techniques. We use these techniques to find relationships among numerical and textual data from numerous sources.

An ideal candidate will have an excellent degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or a related field, a strong grounding in machine learning, and be confident using statistics as a tool to validate experimental results. Experience with natural language processing would be helpful.

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